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From training through to work in the field...The following items are extracts from my grandfathers field cook book, full of Cooking related recipes, rations, ovens & ranges, field camps and kitchen data. This information was obtained through training at Aldershot and Larkhill in Wiltshire 1923-6.

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Cookbook Owner info
Ration per man per day
Ration per month for 100 men

Ovens and Kitchen data

Field Kitchen layout for 500-600 men
Triplex Oven
Aldershot Jam tin, pipe trench, bowl oven, brick trench, spit
Improvised oven with double kettle trench
Insulation cookery
Insulation oven
Improvised oven made with oil drums
Improvised oven
Hydro Burner
Hydro Burner or Petrol cooker
Hold away boiler, soyer stove
Aldershot oven time table
Aldershot oven, hole in the ground
Bluff Range


By Products and their uses
Buns for 100 men
Cakes for 100 men
Espagnole sauce
Victoria Sandwich
Tomato & Household Soup
Soup for 100 men
Green Pea and Lentil soup, Scotch Broth
Baked Puddings for 100 men
Puddings for 100 men
Baked jam roll, Boiled jam roll
Scones for 100 men, Apple Turnovers for 100 men
Rock cakes, short bread, apple fritters, pancakes, sultana fritters
Yorkshire puddings and Mince Pies
Christmas Pudding
Cottage Pie, Bully beef fritters
Various Cooking notes
Various Cooking hints
Basic Brown sauce for 100 men
Flaky pastry and Puff pastry
Queen cakes, Banbury cakes
Cakes for 100 men
Jugged Hare, Braised Tripe
Methods of cooking and roasting
Methods of roasting, boiling and poaching
Methods of braising and stewing
Methods of baking, frying and shortening
Veg cooking times and potatoes
Pastry, turnovers and potato cakes
More pastries
Stews and hotpots
Curry Beef
Sauces for 100 men
Sausages for 100 men, stuffing, salt-beef ham
Steak and onions for 100 men
Cottage Pie, minced meat and dumplings for 100 men
Rissoles and gravy, fish cakes, flap jacks for 100 men
Hints on boiling